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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pass The Glitter, Please!

Crank up the music if you like sparkle...

Just as salt and pepper add distinction

a bit of romance

and the perfect touch to any meal

so does the right dash of glitter

add enchanting beauty to a faerie that I captured under glass

a crisp, crackling glimmer to your step

and magic to your imagination.

And who other than Tristan from Enchanted Revelry can cover us from head

to toe

in this most lavish of artists' embellishments?

However, what outshines even Tristan's perfect pinch of "SPARKLE, SHIMMER, GLIMMER, and GLEAM" to his artwork is his witty perspective on art and life and his ability to use some of the most outrageous vintage photographs to get his message across. Here are some of my favorite snapshots that have drawn from me a hearty guffaw early in the morning when I most enjoy visiting all of you wonderful bloggers.

So the next time you need to sprinkle a little flavor in your life

and want to add a dose of cheer to your step

hurl yourself over to Enchanted Revelry

and have a chat with Sir Tristan himself

and let him tell you to "Go out and make something beautiful!"

Photo Credits:

Permission from Enchanted Revelry for use of vintage pictures, original artwork and photo of Tristan Robin Blakeman

Photos of the cuisine of Provence and Italy scanned from Provence and Italy the Beautiful cook books

Faerie captured under glass, first two photos of glitter and vintage salt and pepper caddies - Castles Crowns and Cottages

All other images from Google