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Monday, June 14, 2010

I Am In For A Treat

Guess where I'm going

and taking my bags-

To Paris for some serious power shopping on the Champs Elysées?

Mais non...

To a little cottage up on the Maine coast?

Not this year...

To Lake Como, Italy and its surroundings?

In my dreams.

But where I'm going in reality is much better.

Because, I'm going


To see my family

old friends

and new.

I will however, miss each and everyone of you, especially because I will not, unfortunately, have access to the internet. So please


and as I turn to look back on all the kindness and JOY I have found with you

and squeeze through the old, creaky door to my beloved past

through the garden of my youth

know that I will be back in full swing for some summer dreamin' on the shores of our imaginations

and on the paths leading to our pleasures.

Speaking of which ma chère amie française, Sacha created a GORGEOUS garden tour of my absolute favorite garden in the world. You can visit her tour HERE and even though you may not speak French fluently, the photos speak for themselves and will tell volumes of my dream garden, whatever your idiom.

Now for another source of inspiration from my SOUL SISTA The Dutchess, I leave you with this hip-swingin' mood-altering, inspiring bit of music, dance and fun. Come on y'all and dance with me....

Image of blue garden door from the MUST SEE GORGEOUS BLOG: Casa Bella

Google Images

Parisian Women from the book: Les Parisiennes, Flammarion