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Friday, July 16, 2010


The door leading to our building project is standing very still at the moment, but will soon swing open wide in early September to let the bustling building crew barrel in and start digging. In the meantime however, we are enchanted with the almost limitless possibilities that await anyone who dares to dream and use what they already have, no matter how small...

If you haven't already seen the stunning on-line article and slide show in the Home and Garden issue of the New York Times on how Sandra Foster took the time-worn cabin that she had on her property, coupled with a little inspiration and a big imagination and made her fairytale come true, then you absolutely need to take a stroll with her through the woods here and follow this gorgeous petite dame in her red Wellies to the little white cottage of her heart.

With a limited budget, Sandra stretched every dollar and her decorating and building skills in order to create a Goldilocks-esque cottage that any passer-by or bear for that matter

would want to frequent and explore in order to faire une sieste in the ethereal loft

Photo 1,2,3

in order to wake up to a cup of good tea in the calm of the Catskill forest.

Photo 4

So whether you are waiting for a project to begin, or have no point of departure from which to launch your dreams, climb up onto Sandra's puffy white lit and let inspiration and imagination engulf your senses. Please take the on-line slide show tour and visit Sandra at My Shabby Streamside Studio in order to get the full view of the exquisite photos of this $3000 paradise.

Speaking of Inspiration and Imagination, I invite you to come with me to Paris

to visit with my sweet friend Mimi at Bonjour Romance, a hard-working visionary with whom I will be working in order to present an on-line magazine that we hope will show you how you can unleash the inspiration from within to exceed the ever-looming reality of budget limitations. In the weeks to come, you will be able to read my contribution to Mimi's vision where I will share our journey on the path to Inspiration!

In the meantime, dream on

and make it HAPPEN!

Photo Credits:

Photos 1, 2 My Shabby Streamside Studio

Other photos from The New York Times Home and Garden