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Saturday, January 15, 2011



is where I stylishly earn my living


attempt to inspire

confabulate unforgettable MOMENTS

and humbly learn something new from the old pages of my life.

All week long, my 50 fourth grade writers learned to FOCUS on a specific moment in the PRESENT tense


with INTENSE verbal imagery

in order to engage their readers to take a bite out of time

and EXPLODE THE MOMENT with vivid flavor, texture and emotion.

What were the results?

A writing lesson that LES ENFANTS did not want to end

and a LIFE LESSON for me that will CONTINUE until I die.

What other way is there to live, but to savor the NOW?

My students found JOY in using new words like

TRUDGE instead of walk

and using similes that instill a poignant image in the mind of their audience.

This JOIE DE VIVRE must be taught and cultivated and having said this, I want to thank FAY from A Melange et Moi

who obviously knows how to EXPLODE THE MOMENT and make each day beautiful and who has kindly passed on an award to me, but unfortunately, I am unable to access her blog to grab the image...

Now, I need to tell you seven things about myself and give this honor to 10 more bloggers that I have discovered over the last year.

1. I need to have "an edge" in my approach to work and creative contributions

and this is how I feel about myself if I am not doing something with a CREATIVE TWIST.


 3.  I need friends.

4.  I love to read

5. but even more so, I love to write.

6. Animals are my passion, especially curly, scrappy terriers!

7. And I prefer an almost monochromatic theme with just a splash of contrasting color in how I dress

and in my home décor as well, with ALWAYS an element of sparkle!

To the following bloggers who EXPLODE the moment with their gifts of photography, poetry and humor, I award this acknowledgement. Please visit them to EXPERIENCE the MOMENT that they so lovingly create for you. 

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The rules are to go and do the same:

1. Visit and link the person from where the award came.
2. List seven things about yourself.
3. Award 10 bloggers the award.

Fay, MERCI CHÈRIE! I am unable to access her lovely blog, but her world is chic, European, and magnificent!

There are many more blogs on my list of favorites who EXPLODE the moment for me. Thank you ALL for a most memorable two years of friendship!

Photo Credits:

First image via Inspired Design ( I cannot access her blog to provide the link)
Tumblr images
Just be Splendid
All photos with links via corresponding blogs