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Friday, April 8, 2011

FUN FUN FUN with The Sistahood

Let's see...road map: CHECK

Sunscreen: CHECK

Bathing suit: CHECK

Tutu and crown: DOUBLE CHECK!

One more thing: 

Fairy Dust

because that's what I'm going need to gather the

SISTAHOOD from different 

corners of the globe.


"COU COUROSIE (4/12),  I'm here!"

"Oh, there's Anita...I'll be right down, dearest!"

Now let's swing by Amy's fairy dwelling (4/12)

and meander up north to aller chercher Suzanne from Privet and Holly (4/14)!

Now, put your seat belts on girls 'cause we're going

for a long trip 

DOWN UNDER to scoop up Dzintra (4/17) who has the 

perfect pink bubbles

and to Deborah's lush cottage (4/20)

so we can all be together to celebrate my birthday

(4/23) at the beach.

"Oh Violet ma belle (4/24), don't forget to bring our

crowns, s'il vous plaît!

and Sherry (4/25), you see me outside, darlin'? Zip up

your gown my friend

and LET'S GO 


"Come on Deborah, off with the stilettos; you'll sink

in the sand!"

"YOU TOO, AMY! No collants on the beach!

THERE YOU GO! Dzintra has the idea

and the fairy dust is starting to take effect; Violet

is becoming a child again

and is leading the way for the rest of us to follow


to dream

and to yield ourselves 

to the unknown but God-given journey

into another splendid year


Come back with us next weekend to take a ride

and enter the blue beauty of the beaches of the world

but in the meanwhile

Visit my husband's blog Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good for a good read under the sun!

Photo Credits: Just be Splendid
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