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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Third Honeymoon

Color of cyan, turquoise, Cassel earth,

these jeweled compositions

still speak 

behind muted mattes

les dames d'abord

their glaze translucent 

like the rolling waves 


a sky and sea motif.

les dame d'abord

les dames d'abord

Clashing with ancient winds on rock



fine sand

les dames d'abord

liquid pigment blue

lifts mists

vaporous, merciful.

les dames d'abord

A blue view

sky by changing sky

 shadows our years


behind a gray farewell



sets another sun

this side 



For more photos of our vacation in charming

please visit my 

where you can also see more of

our garden community
and the seasons
of my life.

Artists, paintings purchased and galleries in order as shown on post:

1. Ray Carpenter Night Surf. Original oil, 2010. Carmel Fine Art Gallery.
2. Alexander Dzigurski I Big Sur Breakers. Original oil, Portnoy Galleries.
3. Jeffrey Becom Pt. Sur Rock, Morning. Oil and Wax, 2014. Carmel Art Assoc. Gallery.