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Saturday, August 15, 2009

ACT 2 - Good Night Sweet Prince

Curtain call! Everyone back to their seats and make sure the music is turned up, please!

What a cavalcade of fashionable theatre goers! Let's see what some of you are wearing tonight

Just lovely...we have some Adrian Brown, vintage classics and Givency! Oh! The curtain is rising....

second act
Build your own Blingee

1, 2, 3...Action:

As was his routine at the end of the day

Monsieur Balzac wanted to wander and play

In and around all the Parisian parks

The Tuileries was one of his favorite landmarks.

He'd putt-putt his way in his little machine

all shiny and bright and incredibly clean.

Once he would get there he'd frolic and stray

on the grounds of the park he would spend all the day

exploring and looking for something brand new

to tear or to sniff or devour and chew

Until he met up with a certain artiste

who happened to spot him with l'accordioniste

"Ce chien est charmant, vachement rigolo!"

he cried out in French and named him Toto.

For Balzac smirked incessantly with his famous grimace

like the artist's main character in his book called Audace!

They made their acquaintances one afternoon

and since, every night under the bright Paris moon

they read the adventures of Toto the great

so much that Balzac was to meet an odd fate

for his link to Toto was incredibly strange

that he suddenly found himself totally changed

his fur had a feel like no other "boy"

Can you guess what had happened? He turned into a toy!

The artist would read from his book to the crowd

while Balzac charmed the children, oh how he was proud

that everyone loved him and stroked his ruff fur

however he couldn't utter one GRRRRR!

There he stood lifeless but loved nonetheless

but how he had wanted to get out of this mess!


"Bravo! Encore! Author!"

Oh, you are too, too kind.

No really, please, you are such a marvelous audience!

What will be become of Balzac? Please come back next Saturday and see Act 3. In the meantime, start thinking about how you would like to see the final act, act 4 come to an end! Next week I will mention the details of our playwrights' night. Do stay in the lobby and mingle with the crowd! There are plenty of goodies left to nibble on!

A la prochaine! So don't forget, act 3 is next Saturday and then it is entirely up to you to submit a final act!