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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Am I So Happy When I've Got The Blues?

Follow me up these blue stairs and find out why this newly found favorite hue of mine just tickles me pink. It started as an infatuation, a twinkling embellishment to illuminate my senses

awakening a sense of calm to the larger scheme of things

and a dash of subtlety to a pure white canvas occasionally dotted with my old favorite, pink.

But let's get up and leave that behind for now my fellow artists and decorators

and look ahead at the possibilities through crystal clear prisms

onto a clean canvas

and sit and ponder over what is waiting on the other side of the door

a magic door perhaps

leading us to sit and discuss the possibilities with the experts

and to relax and enjoy ourselves.

And as usual, in order to enter into this frame of mind, one must pamper the senses and dab on a little parfum

envelope ourselves in the extraordinary

apply a lovely, little crown to help think outside the box

look to classic muses for inspiration

and of course, to nature

to help shape the art with which we make our nest on the outside

and within.

A beautiful house starts with a grateful heart

and becomes a home with the color of love.

Choose your colors for the season and have fun my dear queens!

Photo credits: Anne Leibovitz Vogue Photography Blue Gown

Crown and Cinderella coach by Goldbug Studios

Google Images