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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Gap

We come so close

to touching

and capturing

the Divine.

When I hear a piece of music that for a brief but sacred moment, lifts me away beyond this earth

when I see a master technician and artist perform (please take the time to see this)

or when I am surprised by the whimsical imagination of beloved friends

I say to myself


But there is a GAP that keeps us in hopeful anticipation and in an anxious state of creativity that links us to the heavens, boldly reaching with all of our strength, ambition and perseverance

in order that we may have a glimpse

and chance

to grasp the unimaginable.

You are ALL so creative and successful in your endeavors

SO PLEASE, in spite of the fact that school will be starting soon and life will demand more of our attention, let's keep filling in that GAP

with the magic

and wonder of our dreams.

You are ALL so remarkable and precious....

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Original Illustration of Crowned Stork: Penny from Angelsdoor

Photo Credits:

Lissy Elle Photography
Tumblr Photos