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Friday, May 6, 2011

I Believe

Spring showers are awakening earth's dormant life today

but the raindrops on my window pane

roll down streams of tears for me.

It's raining outside mama, and I can't see you


I WILL see you again.

Your great beauty did not reflect back from a looking 


nor does it hang from a delicate memory

but rather it REMAINS 

in the simplicity and strength of your 


I still have the little plastic dolly you dressed up 

and gave to me 

the morning you died.

For 29 years, you taught me how to live

and in one last courageous breath

you taught me how to die.

I WILL see you again, Mama.

Your little girl who believes,


Photo Credits:

Plastic Doll - Anita (teeeheee!)